Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Stimulates new blood vessel growth and increase blood flow

  • Elevates the body’s natural immune defenses to fight and kill infection and bacteria

  • Reduces swelling that may occur around damaged areas

  • Speeds up healing by increasing tissue oxygen levels to areas in the body where they are reduced due to injury or illness


In addition to antibiotics, physicians will often include hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a treatment to help patients fight off Lyme disease. This is because the bacterium that causes Lyme disease is known as “anaerobic,” which simply means that it cannot exist in oxygen. One of the primary benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is that the process safely increases oxygen levels within your body, which can ultimately cause a reduction of harmful bacteria.

I am very excited about making affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy available for a variety of medical disorders. Low pressure HBOT is a new treatment used for: chronic Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines and others with a great deal of success.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been around a long time. It has traditionally been used to treat: altitude sickness, decompression sickness, serious wounds, such as non-healing diabetic ulcers and other serious disorders. HBOT is FDA approved to treat 13 specific conditions. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the past has been both intensive and very expensive, given in the hospital setting.

Traditional HBOT uses very high pressures with 100% oxygen. This type of treatment has been very complex and associated with numerous side effects.
Now a newer type of HBOT is available, called low pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy or mild HBOT. It is performed using an inflatable chambers at pressures lower than those used in traditional HBOT. This procedure is extremely safe and fairly straight forward.
Low pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being used for an increasing number of medical disorders. For example, most elite athletes own chambers and use them after workouts to lessen painful muscles and accelerate

HBOT is frequently used to treat: autism, closed head injuries, post-traumatic-stress disorder, various skin diseases, headaches and many more.
My practice is focused on the care of patients suffering with: chronic Lyme disease, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other neurological syndromes for which we have seen great success.

HBOT is generally not used a sole therapy. It is typically combined with other treatment modalities.
If you suffer with one of these conditions, you may wish to add this exciting, new and emerging therapy as part of an overall treatment plan.

New and exciting research showing the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy now offers hope to patients crippled by chronic Lyme disease. Dr. William Fife at Texas A & M University has published extensive research demonstrating profound improvements in chronic Lyme disease patients treated with HBO. These improvements include pain reduction, return of clarity of mentation, reduction of depression, and frequently the ability to discontinue antibiotics.